Embracing Oblivion

Embracing Oblivion

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Who has not ever wanted to forget? Often most of us have longed to get something, a dream, a person, a thing … in such a way that we put all our efforts to achieve it, sometimes getting caught in such a way that we are unable to leave behind those cravings For getting our target out of fear. Afraid to go ahead, to continue the road in solitude, to set ourselves other goals.

Fear of taking other paths that make us live other experiences of which, we will learn through our mistakes or successes in making the own decisions that we are making in the destiny of each one. Everything that we do throughout our lives has consequences for ourselves and the people who cross in it. Have we ever wanted to forget, to throw the blanket at our head, to face the future and start a new life in a different place, with different people. How many dare to do it? Few, but there are still brave people who take risks for what they want and do not hesitate, they throw themselves.

In “Embracing the Oblivion” begins a novel where the characters, protagonists of our stories, go through different situations that reflect what was commented previously. We will accompany you to different places in Madrid and we will live with them the different events that will happen to them. Without further comments, I leave you with: “Embracing Oblivion” Silence, cameras, action !. For the first time, Alicia becomes aware of her life. Tired of jealousy and fights, he proposes to finish once and for all, he decides to start a battle with himself: to face his destiny. She must flee Valencia, a place that saw her grow, she has to abandon her loved ones if she wants to end what has become her current day to day.

We will accompany Alicia, a Valencian girl who, by chance, ends up traveling to Madrid, where she meets Raúl and Toni, some friendly Madrilenians who soon become friends with the girl and we will live with them the different events that will happen to them. Do not miss a novel full of emotions and mixed feelings, where love and despair are intertwined with events of the past. A past that until the end of the story will not stop tormenting our protagonist. What are you waiting to read? Note: As in the book, the author does not recommend this work to minors.