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ÁRZICA Episode 1 Meetings and Meows

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Siuzi, 11 years old, skin darker than honey, lighter than the panela, traverses the desert of Árrica looking for traces of his missing father. Overcome by heat and thirst, she receives the help of a young bounty hunter, Kalo, the calf-eyed, who moves around the country in her cart, accompanied by Andreas, the cat with a mustache and a charro hat.

They reached a clearing in the middle of the forest where a sound of running water was heard, where the wind whistled to the birds an eternal melody that filled them with peace and tranquility, life and strength: it was the guadua, Tall and thin, with green leaves like the feathers of parrots and macaws, with roots as solid as the cement of the streets of Fruidan, roots that expanded to form a framework that day by day, as a group of friends taken from the Hand, they explored farther and deeper into the depths of the earth and found that which became so scarce and yet so essential: water.

” This is the astounding story of Siuzi, Kalo and Andreas, And its adventures in the lands of Árzica with the Trafiguaduantes, the ZamoS, the Wars of the Water, the corporation MOVA and many more vericuetos